A trip to the countryside with MDG’s

HB António Borges

In november 2012, Multi Dimensional G’s were asked to play at António Borges birthday party. No one knew who the guy was, we just knew his son, who asked if we could go. I joined them for the party and I could always help out carrying the hardware, and besides, they needed an extra car.

PaiVicente 238

Lucky me, António was one of the brightest guy’s that I had the chance to met. He  spent most of he’s youth travelling, getting money from painting and poetry.  He is well aware and perceptive of modern day’s problems. I didn’t actually got a chance to lip much with him, being is birthday and all,  hopefully we shall have another chance to deepen some wisdom.

PaiVicente 234

I recorded some shots of the event and edited this film for them (both MDG’s and Antonio).

(I’m also playing Bass on the last song. =)

 PaiVicente 203

PaiVicente 230

HB António Borges


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