Jam Everywhere – Caramulo

JE - Caramulo Cover

This one goes way back.

“Jam Everywhere” is a ongoing project crafted by the will of a group of friends that share the same artistic interests within different perspectives claiming the goal of exploring they own creativity on both musical and visual fields. Everyone feel free to join.

Jam on Brothers!

The idea was hatched by Ruben Amado, I only got to join in by the time of their third video, june 2012.  The idea revolves on taking the jam for a stroll, do it in diverse places, different situation, distinct people… you know, just another excuse for the noise making lust.

So on 25 May, 2013, we hit the road towards Caramulo, Portugal. We spend  the day there jamming, drinking, satisfying our hunger in general. I was responsible for audio recording on location, along with my mate Rui Gomes who was kind enough to lend us and operate his zoom R16. I also edited the 4 videos and the audio that goes with them.

JE – Caramulo pt3 from Jam Everywhere on Vimeo.

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