Cad Sketching

LineArraySketch 1

So I’ve been in Italy since june 2014, how did it happen? Leonardo da Vinci program, 3 mouths of EU funded foreign exposure.

I’ve come here with the promise to work at Teatro Savoia, in Campobasso, Molise province (about three hours from Rome, two from Napoli).

Savoia theatre is established in a building from the 1920’s. It seemed like a charming place with a nice calendar of classical, and other, musical events.

The thing is… upon arriving the theatre is closed by lack of community funds… I’v been told this particular assurance/deceit thing is typically Italian…

Lacking work, I’v been assigned to a local television. That did not worked out as that company had a messy way of doings things and I wasn’t being appointed to do anything at all. Feeling unrelated with that particular company, I asked to be re-assign.

And that is how I ended up working at an engineering studio. Trying to take the most out of the opportunity, learning about construction planning and practices, materials and types of strength and stress calculation, and mainly exercising AutoCad skills.

On my spare time, I’v sketched a line array speaker. This was not formally though out, as the objective was only to sketch. The drivers are 8″ and the tweeter is 1″.I used the golden ratio for most measurement decisions culmination in a weird dimensioned box.

LineArraySketch 4

Red lines graph a linear acoustic reflection, yellow ones graph a 30º dispersion from the driver. Again, this was done without any acoustic calculus whatsoever, this was merely a sketching exercise.

LineArraySketch 2

Top-front view

LineArraySketch 3

Front View


LineArraySketch 8

This would be an example of 10 flown/rigged  boxes.




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